February 23, 2017

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

The 2 main reasons it’s important to clean upholstery are:

Appearance:  Annual professional cleaning will keep your furniture looking newer, longer!  Build up of dirt and grime can have a permanent impact on your furniture’s appearance.  Click here (Link to cleaning tips page) for tips on how to remove stains throughout the year

Healthy Home:  KIDS…..your furniture’s worst night mare!  Kids live to get dirty, and the first place they go when they get inside…. right on the couch.  The scrapes on their arms and legs leaves pathogens behind that breed bacteria.  That coupled with the dirt and grime can cause unpleasant odors and an overall unhealthy environment.

With Steam Brothers’ specially designed upholstery tools and safe detergents, we can restore that couch to it’s original glory in no time.

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